We consider inter-spaces as areas of opportunity. They allow to generate a natural transition between public and private space. As long as citizens dare to conquer the street, the potential of these spaces (not necessarily located at ground level) will definitely increase. Our projects have played with these places in the search for recovery the local identity and political character, understanding that the problem of sustainability is not a technical problem but a problem of politicians’ attitude.
In addition, at an environmental level, designing the spaces between buildings is essential for two reasons: First, it allows improving the comfort in the design of outdoor spaces, protecting from excess of solar radiation or looking for it, allowing ventilation or reducing it, depending on the conditions climatic conditions throughout the year. Within the urban context social interaction is enhanced if outdoor comfort is improved. Secondly, it influences the building performance of the urban fabric, given that it determines the solar access indoors or its potential to naturally ventilate or illuminate.