Almost zero-consumption multi-family homes in Almería.

Second prize. Project Competition.

Second prize



Direction and authorship / Elena Vilches Álvarez y David Moreno Rangel

Collaborators Enmedio/ Karina García, Domingo Galán, Carlos Moreno, Miguel Frías (infografías), Beatriz Moreno, Laura Muñoz

Environmental consultant / Enmedio Studio

Client / Private

The project we present is a proposal that seeks to be forceful and efficient when facing the ‘challenge’ of almost blindly designing a residential building where certain data that are essential to focus and optimize the design are unknown (target budget, number of homes, number of bedrooms, target audience, desired aesthetics… etc).

Our architecture always seeks to be representative, providing identity to the design to make the promotion unique and facilitate its sale.

Given the freedom on which the competition is based, the implementation strategy is generated through a 3×3 (5m) matrix capable of producing a world of possibilities: the design in this way allows the typology and final configuration to be adapted to the needs of the developer and, of course, reconfigure itself based on an enormously variable real estate demand (homes with one, two or three bedrooms, apartments for young people… with integrated or independent kitchen, loft or traditional design, with spaces for work or for the game).

At the beginning of the project we set the challenge of designing a unique residential building, which not only tries to be ‘pretty’, but also becomes a reference and example of ways of building alternatives, more efficient, and friendly to the environment. where you really ‘live well’.

The proposed building has a double face:
Southeast face:
The main façade has a southeast orientation (+19ºS) that easily allows bioclimatic strategies to be established.
Following the teachings of vernacular architecture, several enclosures are introduced (one per home) that, with a double glazed skin, generate liveable ‘greenhouse’ spaces.
North West Face:
The façade towards the northwest is not treated as a ‘back’, but rather is singularized by generating a vertical garden towards which the bedrooms face (with total privacy), making the spatial and dimensional sensation of these rooms larger. The terraces that are introduced here provide an ‘extra’ space to each bedroom.