UNICA Agrobusiness Center (UAC), Almería

Second prize. Project competition.

Competition, 2nd prize



Direction and authorship / Elena Vilches Álvarez y David Moreno Rangel

Enmedio Collaborators / Julia Moreno, Jesús Píriz Gil, María Navarro Cifuentes, Karina García, Carlos Macías-Pérez Ventana, Isabella Ford, Álvaro Velasco Cabello, Encarna Márquez Garfia, Juan Carlos Luque, Miguel Frías Laso (infografías)

Environmental consultant / Enmedio Studio

Client / UNICA

We generate shelter through an isotropic, adaptable cover, with variable morphology, technological, easy to grow and bioclimatic. A simple, repetitive, modular structure, easy to assemble, that incorporates a covering using a simple and effective construction system that has straw as its main material.

It can be a flight, a light cover, it can be open, pergola or closed, colonized or empty. Protect outdoor or indoor spaces. Incorporate bioclimatic elements (such as a solar chimney) or energy elements (photovoltaic collectors). Serve as light entry, ventilation, or heating. Incorporate planted surfaces.

A world of possibilities, for UNICA’s new administrative center.