2nd May 2018

Collaboration with Guillermo Vázquez Consuegra Arquitecto.

Finalists in the International Competition ‘Social Housing for young and seniors in Puente de Vallecas district, Madrid‘, developed by Guillermo Vázquez Consuegra Arquitecto. A very interesting experience where Enmedio Studio introduces active and passive measures to optimise the building perfomance, achieving PassivHaus standards.

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19th April 2018

Elena Vilches attends in representation of Enmedio Studio to the course ‘Energía Positiva 2018’ organized by the City Council of Madrid, to give the talk: ‘Passive environmental design as a strategy for Zero Energy Buildings construction of reasonable cost. Case study.’

10-11th April 2018

David Moreno is invited to the conference ‘100 years of public housing in Seville’, organized by EMVISESA (Seville City Council). He gave the lecture ‘Low cost strategies for optimization and environmental comfort.’

22nd January 2018

Collaboration with Eova Studio.

Second Prize in the International Competition of a Multifunctional Centre in Gdansk, Poland, developed by Eova Studio. We carried out the environmental consultancy. A great example of team work of how to achieve environmental design from the early phases in competitions.

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15th December 2017

Congratulations to the organising comittee of the IV Conference about nearly Zero Energy Buildings, in particular to its director Inés Leal. Great level of all lectures, optimism and proof that nearly zero energy buildings must be and can be made reality. Thanks for the opportunity given to us to be part of this enriching exchange of ideas.

13th December 2017

Enmedio Studio attended the IV Conference about Nearly Zero Energy Buildings in Madrid, with the paper ‘Zero Energy Office Building with reasonable cost in Madrid: the Kömmerling Challenge’.





17th November 2017

Enmedio Studio is invited to the 9th Spanish PassivHaus Conference held in Seville with the paper: ‘The Kömmerling challenge: a methodology to optimise passive and active design in buildings, as well as its impact and economic viability, in order to develope a new Zero Office Building with reasonable cost in Madrid.’ 




23rd June 2017

Enmedio Studio wins the International Competition for a New Zero Energy Offices in Madrid.