Architecture and living conditions


The definition of creativity has changed. After decades of ignorance, the human being is starting to understand that society must respond to the planetary socio-ecological crisis. After all, we are not the only beings inhabiting the Earth. These new design processes should seek hybridizations with the ecological issue in the search for a new environmental balance.
From configuring the Earth as a mere stage, to consider it as the main character. From globalisation processes, to the treatment of local issues. From solving urban landmarks, to the resolution of general matters. From forms without contents, to explicit concepts without a form. From tacit architecture to instructive architecture. From building for people, to do it for life.

To configure the earth as a stage, to make it as a scene; to globalize, to contextualize the local; to compress the space, to expand the atmospheric; to solve urban landmarks, to solve the mass; from forms without contents, to explicit concepts reports; to materialize the flows, to inhabit the time; from an unspoken architecture, to an instructive one; to build for people … to do it for life.