New construction


The city should control its growth to avoid increasing its ecological footprint. Therefore, when a new building is needed, it is necessary to minimize its environmental impact and its energy dependence. Zero or nearly zero energy buildings is already a must. Achieving this through the use of passive strategies, should be an obligation.
Our vast experience on this building typology allows us to make an architecture without adjectives [environmental, ecological, green, sustainable, zero, passive …], far from conceptualizations created by preconceived images. In other terms, achieving these goals are part of a broader design procedure that responds to other contemporary needs.

Créditos de las imágenes

1,2: Rebirth the bathhouse, Liepaja (Latvia). Mención especial. Autores: D. Moreno, J. Molina, A. Martínez, M. Fernández.
3,8: Lugares para el culto, Sevilla. Autor: E. Vilches.
4,5,9: Nuevas oficinas de Consumo Cero de Kömmerling, Madrid. D. Moreno y E. Vilches. Primer premio.
6,7: Centro de danza semienterrado junto a las Murallas de la Macarena, Sevilla. Concursante en la BEAU XI. Autor: E. Vilches.